In the EFRE lab, students explore fundamental problems in environmental fluid mechanics and renewable energy.

They collect and analyze high frequency environmental data and work with models individually or in groups to solve real-world problems.

They have the opportunity to work as part of a research team that is focused on making detailed measurements in conjunction with simulating environmental flows in an effort to develop improved modeling capabilities to solve some of the most challenging problems facing society. 

By studying environmental processes and dynamics, students investigate how engineered systems feedback on the environment and develop fundamental understanding of complex Earth System dynamics. These processes can be distilled down to key functional variables and incorporated into models useful to engineers, planners and policy makers.

Current Courses

  • ENGR 2510 – Fluid Mechanics
  • CEE 5374 – Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • CEE 5380 – Fluid Flows in Environmental Systems
  • CEE 5350 – Watershed Hydrology and Ecosystem Processes
  • CEE 6223 – Environmental Boundary Layers
  • CEE 4371 – Water Resources Engineering

All CEE courses​​​

Additional Teaching Interests

  • Turbulence and Renewable Energy
  • Boundary-Layer Meteorology
  • Wind Engineering and Urban Meteorology
  • Biosphere – Atmosphere Interactions
  • Physical Limnology and Modeling of Environmental Systems
  • Experimental Techniques in Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Graduate Studies at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering